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Video & Screencasting in the Classroom
1st Dec.2011

Video in the Classroom
We are in the YouTube, instant 3 min video multimedia era ... and so the ability to produce videos from initial concept to hosting online is a powerful skill to have in the librarian or teacher librarian’s’ toolkit ... providing it is not expensive and not time consuming. (it used to be both)
During this session I’ll assume that everyone is starting from scratch, zero ... but if you do have experience already then that is going to be a real bonus .. so please come prepared to share.
This will be mainly a whole group presentation (with some participation depending on the topic we choose for the video) ... in real time we’ll go through concept, planning, filming (producing), editing and finally uploading to YouTube.
In the time left, we’ll need to decide as a group what to look at next .. e.g.

  • examples of where video might be used in the classroom
  • tips and tricks with YouTube including setting up a playlist
  • other places (than YouTube) to host videos
  • places to find suitable videos online
  • protecting students from undesirable material
  • copyright / creative commons
  • tagging

I will be using a Flip Video Camera (they cost between US$100-US$200) feel free to bring your own if you have one ... also if you already use another brand/model of video camera then please feel free to bring it. If you have never used a video camera before then note to worry ... we will also be catering to the complete beginner.
Everything that we cover will work on both Windows and Apple computers.
If you have time before the session then have a browse around

Screencasting in the Classroom
A great description of screencasting is at Wikipedia
A method of recording anything that happens on your computer screen while adding a voice commentary.

Creating a screencast used to fill everyone with fear (well it did with me!) ... it required expensive software to be downloaded to your computer, you needed a powerful computer otherwise it would crash and then it was not easy to find somewhere to host your screencast/movie.
All that is in the past, we will be using free web applications that are not so demanding on your computers, work just as easily on Windows and Apple and give you free hosting ... and has a very low learning curve ... I’ll be assuming everyone will be starting from ground zero ... if you do have experience then it would be great if you could bring (or have urls) of your results.
... and the key question “Why would you want to create a screencast in the first place?” ... I highly suspect the group will be coming up with lots of examples and suggestions., I have a few myself.

If you have a laptop then please bring it ... Windows or Apple

There is a lot about screencasting at but it may be best NOT to look at this before the session but note the url for afterwards.

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